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No cookies, no tracking, no idea who you are

The sites at do not place cookies and do not collect visitor data of any kind, including metrics commonly used to analyze web traffic.

To that end, almost no third-party content is embedded. For example, fonts are hosted locally rather than calling the Google Fonts API, and videos link to the YouTube website instead of playing directly in the page. The only exception is one svg file hosted at the CC-BY-SA license image at the bottom of many pages. No cookies are placed as a result.

The sites are all static. They serve only html, css, images and (in the case of Sadie's Brain Tumor) javascript files that animate parts of the page. There is no opportunity for visitors to provide personal data (not even a contact form).

These sites are all hosted at Cloudflare, which automatically provides rudimentary web analytics using a javascript beacon on each page. I have turned off this feature, so this beacon script is not installed.